Web-based housing of the main tools developed within the NanoDESK project. Set of computer applications aimed at the assisted selection of nanomaterials, the search for information in proven databases "Data Mining", the characterisation of the toxicological profile, the assessment of exposure levels in working environments and common uses at the consumption stage, and the estimation of emission levels to the environment.
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Exposure models

The mathematical models for the estimation of the exposure simulate the emission and transport of nanomaterials in a working or consumer environment, as well as in different open-air compartments (air, water, sediment, soil). Modeling, as well as direct measurements, are adequate tools to evaluate the exposure and fate of nanoparticles and a large number of specific models have already been developed. The ECHA (European CHemical Agency) encourages the use of some of them in its technical guidelines [1] and new ones are currently in the process of validation.

  • Environmental model: how to model the fate of a nanoparticle in the environment
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  • Occupational model: modeling the exposure of a person working with nanoparticles
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  • Consumer model: a tool to estimate the nanoparticles inhaled or ingested by a consumer, and what part of it is transferred to the respiratory/gastrointestinal tract
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Webinar I - Zebrafish Embryotoxicity Test for Nanotoxicity Profiling

Webinar II - Bioaccumulation of Nanomaterials in Filter Feeding Animal Models

Webinar III - A guided introduction to the QSAR models to evaluate the toxicity of nanomaterials
Webinar IV - Explanatory video of the Sudoe NanoDESK project platform, website where all the tools developed within the project are available to any user free of charge
Webinar V - Another of the tools of the Sudoe Nanodesk project are exposure models, physical models that predict the fate of nanoparticles in a context of environmental, occupational or consumer exposure


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