GT1. Definition of specifications and uses of nanomaterials in reference sectors

Description of the specifications of a set of 10 NMs for the determination of their uses and applications in plastics.
  • P1.1 Nano-reinforcement and nanocomposite specifications sheets
  • P1.2 Multi-criteria computerized decision tree.
# Document Download
DA1A ENMs in plastic EN ES
DA1B ENMs specification sheets EN FR PT ES
Aluminium oxide EN FR PT ES
Calcium carbonate EN FR PT ES
Carbon black EN FR PT ES
Cooper oxide EN FR PT ES
Fullerenes EN FR PT ES
Gold nanoparticle EN FR PT ES
Graphene EN FR PT ES
Multi-walled nanotube EN FR PT ES
Nanoclays EN FR PT ES
Silicon dioxide EN FR PT ES
Silver nanoparticle EN FR PT ES
Single-walled nanotube EN FR PT ES
Titanium dioxide EN FR PT ES
Zinc oxide EN FR PT ES
DA1C Decision making system based on Multi-criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) EN FR PT ES
Link Multicriteria computerized decision support tree Link

GT2. Development of advanced information search tools

Development of an advanced search tool for the selective extraction of information on physico-chemical and (echo)toxicological properties of nanomaterials.
  • P2.1 Information search algorithms applicable to massive data and text structures
  • P2.2 Advanced Web Search Engine
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Link Biocenit Link

GT3. Optimization and development of prediction models

Development of QSAR models that can be applied to predict toxicological properties of nanomaterials.
  • P3.1 NanoQSAR models for predicting toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of interest.
# Document Download
DA3A Evaluation report of existing NanoQSAR models EN
DA3B Nanomaterials database of structure and biological activities
Link QSAR models Link

GT4. Development of exposure estimation models

Development and validation of models for the estimation of exposure levels and quantification of emission of nanomaterials into the environment
  • P4.1 Mathematical model implemented on the web for the assessment of professional exposure to nanomaterials.
  • P4.2 Mathematical model implemented in web for the evaluation of emission levels of nanomaterials into the environment.
  • P4.3 Mathematical model implemented on the web for the evaluation of exposure in the final consumer.
# Document Download
DA4A Occupational Exposure Assessment Model Specifications and Functionalities Report EN
DA4C Report on specifications and functionalities of the environmental exposure assessment model ES
DA4E Report on specifications and functionalities of the consumer exposure assessment model ES
Link Exposure models Link

GT5. Nanostructured Plastics Safety Observatory

Creation of the observatory for the safety of nanostructured plastic materials
  • P5.1 Web portal of the Observatory for the Safety of Nanostructured Plastic Materials.
  • P5.2 Strategic Plan of the plastic sector.
# Document Download
DA5C Report of web visits and statistics of document downloads ES
DA5D Nanostructured Polymer Materials Sector Roadmap and Strategic Plan EN ES
Link Technological Observatory Link

GT6. Web application NanoDESK

Development of the web application NanoDESK
  • P6.1 NanoDesk web portal (beta version).
  • P6.2 NanoDesk online platform (full version).
# Document Download
DA6B Manuals for the use of risk assessment models and data searches ES
DA6C Content and impact report of the NanoDesk platform EN ES
Link Platform Link


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